Backend Engineer

PushOwl is a fast-growing, bootstrapped, profitable and fun SaaS startup with a remote team. We are the 2nd largest web push solution and used by 20,000+ merchants, reaching millions of end consumers every day. We work as a lean and efficient team to strive for our goal of making our online merchants more successful. Our international team takes ownership of their projects and collaborates with each other to achieve success.

You can apply here or via email: Please send add your CV or LinkedIn profile, GitHub account, and answer the following two questions:

  1. Which of your current skill set and/or project-based experience is relevant to PushOwl’s backend architecture?
  2. In your professional career so far, what kind of responsibility have you taken? How do you cooperate with non-engineering teams in terms of workflow and communication?

Meet the team

Our development team of 3 has its origin at Microsoft, Paytm, and Wingify. You will be working together with Abhishek on PushOwl’s backend architecture. Abhishek is a graduate from IIT Delhi CSE, 2013 with over 8 years of experience in architecting and developing solutions to problems across education, finance and e-commerce. Check out his blog article about PushOwl’s architecture:

The Challenge

As a business, PushOwl constantly faces the tradeoff with regards to building features quickly to achieve immediate returns versus building these features in a scalable fashion. The market environment (Shopify, e-commerce marketing, web push notifications) is very positive and allows for quick wins in regards to increasing revenue quickly by building additional features for our existing and future client base. However, understanding the (potential) volume of notifications that our clients are sending, we need to keep system performance in mind for scenarios where usage goes 10x and 100x. We are seeking an engineer who can embrace this tradeoff and is ready to make difficult decisions in order to accelerate business growth without venturing it unnecessarily.

Skills and Mindset required

  • We expect you to write scalable, reliable, maintainable and human-readable code
  • Proficiency in any object oriented programming language and at least a working knowledge of Python OOP
  • Experience with a web framework, and HTTP protocols
  • Experience with SQL with understanding of Relational Data Modelling
  • Experience with designing object oriented software and a working understanding of Design Patterns
  • Experience with a version control system and using browser tools for debugging
  • Willingness to deep dive into the domain of e-commerce marketing tools and web push notification.

PushOwl’s backend tech stack

  • Python for our Web Workers (Django) and our Async Workers (Celery)
  • Distributed PostgreSQL database (Citus) for our persistent data store
  • Redis cluster for in-memory cache
  • RabbitMQ as broker between web workers and async workers
  • Kubernetes (AWS EKS) API to auto scale our web and async workers
  • Apache Kafka (Confluent Cloud) to publish events from our web and async workers
  • KSQL cluster for streaming and aggregation
  • Prometheus and Grafana for metric ingestion and analysis
  • AWS Athena to run our Big Query on data stored in S3

We are remote

We will help you to set-up your remote office and provide you with all kinds of improvements for your personal life: From health insurance, to gym memberships, high speed internet and more. We also frequently travel together as a team and have annual international trips.This is a fully remote position but you can also re-locate and join us in Bangalore.

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