Chief Manager

  • The programming languages are different (Java, Go, Ruby, Python)
  • The methodology is totally different: you don’t develop software and put them on servers; you use serverless cloud technologies to develop pieces of code which will be wired up and executed by cloud services
  • The development concept is different: Not develop and package, but continuously develop in short time frames, build a fully automated deployment chain, update the live system without disruptions or down-times
  • The team setup is different: squads, tribes, chapters, guilds versus disciplines
  • The operations concept is totally different: development team is also responsible for continuous operations; you have daily releases instead of software updates every once in a while; squads have to include so called Site Reliability Engineers to improve quality of the developed services instead of relying on a classical operations team vs. development team
  • Project management is different: SAFE product increments and participation on sprint and backlog planning, sprint demos, instead of classical project planning down to a single person
  • Product management is different: only few requirements and rather interactive discussions with stakeholders via product demos, EPICs, user stories, and dynamic backlog prioritization instead of hundreds of pages of requirements and requirement engineers trying to map that to development tasks
  • QA is totally different: continuous testing via automation done by the developers with very rare involvement of a classical test team
  • Tools are different: Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, OPSGenie, BigPicture instead of MS Office, PMC, DOORS,…
  • Development organization are managed much more dynamic than in classical software development: service projects have much shorter iterations and will make adjustments to budget, staffing, team members on a sprint base (every two to three weeks)
  • You do a rapid prototyping and then development iterations instead of designing for a long time, then developing, and finally testing and releasing

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