Contributor Support Associate

Why we’re a great company to work for

  1. We have a mission. Seeking Alpha is about more than helping people make money. People who invest are 24% happier, 19% less stressed, and report a 36% increase in their sense of well-being (source). By helping investors to succeed, we help them to send children to college, achieve life goals, afford healthcare, and provide themselves with a secure retirement.
  2. We’re profitable and growing fast. We fuel our growth investments with our own capital, leading to greater stability for employees, and an inspiring growth-focused environment. All employees receive equity grants in-line with their cash compensation.
  3. You’ll work with great people. We work in small, tight-knit groups of smart, engaged people who bring everything to the table every day.
  4. We have fun. Our office kitchens are well stocked, and we regularly get together at company events, which include Alphas who work from home. “Seeking Alpha doesn’t feed me well,” said no one ever.
  5. You’ll impact the lives of many people. We have 20 million unique monthly visitors, and 500,000 unique users visit Seeking Alpha every business day.

What you need to excel

Further down you’ll find the specifics of the job. The following traits describe the characteristics we look for in all positions.

  1. Hard working. Delivering great experiences requires time and painstaking dedication. There are no shortcuts. Be ready to crush it every day.
  2. Precise. It is easy to fudge things. We look for people who love being given concrete definitions of success, and utilize their talents and work ethic to exceed them.
  3. Flexible. We ask questions more than we assert answers, and we are always open to criticism and changing our views in the face of evidence.
  4. Lean. We pride ourselves in getting stuff done efficiently. When we ask, “How can I solve this challenge,” the first answer is never, “Hire someone.”
  5. Team player. We look for people who are intellectually stimulating, bring a positive attitude to work, and are fun to be around.


Core Responsibilities

  • Support contributor needs and respond to their inquiries.
  • Actively contact contributors with ideas for ticker coverage.
  • Handle internal requests with regard to contributor accounts.
  • Perform other tasks as required for contributor acquisition, onboarding, and engagement.


As Seeking Alpha’s model is contributor-driven, contributor relations and contributor support are integral to our platform’s success. The Contributor Support Associate will help ensure that contributors’ day-to-day needs are met, by responding to daily inquiries (in the form of tickets and emails). This hands-on experience will give the Associate unique and valuable insight into contributors’ changing demands.

In an effort to constantly acquire new contributors and grow our contributor base, the Contributors team performs ongoing outreach tasks, such as reaching out to dormant contributors and motivating them to resume activity on the site. These tasks can change from time to time as we assess the efficacy of various initiatives. The Support Associate will play a lead role in contacting contributors about coverage that is needed on the site and is relevant to their experience, and will perform other such engagement tasks as deemed necessary at any given time and as initiated by the Associate.


  • English at mother-tongue level, both spoken and written
  • Customer support experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Background in Finance/Experience with analysis of financial content a big advantage
  • Ability to work independently and a strong team player

WFH, India, India business hours Mon-Fri

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