Customer Success (Support/Account Management)

We’re hiring a customer success representative. Maybe it’s you?

👇About us 👇
We’re – an early stage growth team with an ecommerce-centric business model. We sell growth packages for technology companies in the SEO and virality space. Our services range from backlinks and written-for-you blog posts to done-for-you Reddit marketing.
Our clients love us because we’re affordable, we get results, and our customer success team is always around to help. Not to mention the services are one-of-a-kind.
We’re looking to hire a Customer Success Representative to own our support and account management phases in the company. This role is foundational, and requires a can-do attitude. We believe in you.
Keep reading about the role…

💊Customer Support 💊
This is the bread and butter of our customer success, it’s all about helping our customers solve their (fairly straightforward to solve) pain points.

  • You’ll roll up your sleeves and answer simple customer questions. Things like “can I get a refund”, or “what does your service do”. Easy stuff. Customers want to know about our growth packages and services, and you’ll help them out as needed.
  • Apart from clearing out our support tickets, you’ll help us improve our customer self-service experience. You’ll write customer support materials so that customers can answer their own questions.
  • You’ll help train any new customer success reps we bring on in the future.
🤜🤛Account Management 🤜🤛
You thought this role is just answering easy questions? Hah. Apart from our day-to-day inquires, we have digital companies who we have larger relationships with. They come to us with in-depth questions about their marketing campaigns, and we need someone who can own this relationship and conversation.
As our account management lead, you’ll lead the charge answering these kinds of questions. You’ll check on the status of campaigns with our services teams, and answer and own the services that we’re delivering our customers.

Apart from that, you’ll…

  • Ensure smooth onboarding from sales -> accounts. Make sure they have what they need from us. If a customer is confused at any point, we’ve done something wrong.
  • Manage client expectations – not every hit is a home run.
  • Oversee the relationship over time and pass along any insights about our customers to our team.
We’ll help you get started of course, but we need this role to figure it out and own it over time.

We’d prefer you had some kind of marketing experience to really soar in this role (sorry), but it’s not absolutely necessary if  you’ve got a dollop of common sense.

⭐️ Other details about the role ⭐️

  • There may be paid opportunities to travel to conferences and represent the brand to new clients & partners. Hopefully we keep growing so that this can happen 🙂
  • Our team is distributed across the world with leadership based in NYC
  • This full time position is part of a long term career path, develops multiple professional capacities around customer success.
  • The ideal candidate will be amazing communicator with a desire to innovate, capacity to plan, and strong work ethic to implement their ideas in a team structure.
Comment from our sales team:
“We fill a hole in the marketing space, offering some out of the box services that early phase start-ups need. We’ve processized and optimized some of the critical first steps to launching a brand on the web. Established companies also use us to try out new marketing channels and strategies that they would not conventionally go after.”

Then again… They’re in sales, so of course they’d say that. 🤷‍♂️

Look forward to reading your applications. Ping me at with 3 reasons you’d be a great fit for this role, and a linkedin link/resume.

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