Frontend Engineer

What we’re looking for

We are looking for a product-minded Frontend Engineer to help us build and maintain Optic’s user interface. You can think of Optic like GitHub for tracking APIs.

So what do we mean by “product-minded?” Some engineers only see the gearbox, a Product-Minded Engineer can’t help but see the whole car, the driver and the road they’re driving on. They work for the users, run experiments, and question everything.

As our product-minded frontend engineer, you’ll work closely with users, customers and our design team to plan features, build iterations, solicit feedback, and measure the impact of your work. Nearly all of the work you do will be open-sourced and attributed to your GitHub profile.

Because we’re a small team, you’ll be working directly with our Lead Developer Dev and Founder Aidan. You’ll need able to both architect and implement the projects you’re working on. Optic is also very much a team so we’re not looking for a lone wolf or rockstar — a commitment to supporting your team members, collaborative problem solving, and just generally being a good person is required.

Our environment

Product Minded Engineers who take an interest in users, their problems and the ways in which our products can improve their lives. They work for the users, run experiments, and question everything. Some engineers only see the gearbox, a Product Minded Engineer can’t help but see the whole car, the driver and the road they’re driving on.

  • Spend a lot of time working closely with users and customers
  • Work in tight feedback cycles
  • Are expected to product manage their features (or something like that)
  • Are encouraged to ask “why” and take the initiative to rethink things that are not working
  • Run experiments and measure the impact of their work
  • Self-organize their work and deliverables among the engineering team
  • Spend discretionary time of the parts of the product they know how to improve


Because owning features end-to-end creates a high degree of autonomy, less coordination, and ownership; engineers at Optic work on the full stack. It’s ok if you don’t have experience with every technology we use, but you do have to demonstrate the ability to learn quickly and pick up new technologies.

  • Experience using React JS and an understanding of its core principles
  • Experience with functional programming. Most of the complex parts of Optic rely on Scala/ScalaJS
  • Experience working on remote teams and managing your own schedule + deliverables
  • The ability to plan, design and measure the impact of new features and changes.
  • Understands the basics of managing open source projects and their communities

Compensation and Benefits

We’re a venture backed company offering competitive salaries, equity grants and great benefits.

How to Apply

Send us an email at and tell us why you’re interested in working with us on Optic. Include whatever background information you have (like your resume, links to your Github, blog, or other projects you’ve worked on, a description of your past work, etc).

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