Junior Data & Automation Engineer

Brainsfeed is a new kind of on-demand desk research platform that makes your brain scalable. We provide instant access to a broad network of analysts around the globe. We help organizations to gain the insights they need to make smarter decisions on time.

We believe in a world where information, data, and insights empower humanity. Our team of distributed digital nomads is now expanding.
We’re looking for true believers, ready to take on the challenge.

What You’ll Do:

  • Build, deploy, and continuously improve the infrastructure used for data | NLP processing
  • Develop ETL to ingest, transform and Process data from upstream data sources and APIs into internal data storage.
  • Processing large quantities of data from RESTful APIs.
  • Setup Business | Operational | Data | NLP Processing Automation

Qualifications required:

  • Experienced in dealing with large datasets and processing them via workflows and tools
  • Know how to research and leverage data collection systems and other strategies to collect reliable information
  • you know what’s a REST API and how it works.
  • Familiarity exposing ML components through web services or wrappers
  • Strong proficiency in Python | R and respective data science ecosystems; ability to quickly translate ideas into code
  • Understanding of text processing,feature extraction and building ML model

Must have:

  • An avid interest in learning about the latest trends, technologies, and Desire to setup Automation | Data | NLP Processing infra with modern tools
  • Curiosity about new developments in AI and Machine Learning
  • You have web mining, information retrieval/scraping, and data cleaning experience
  • Strong writing and communication skills with a strong command of English.

Join a fast-growing company made of millennial’s from all over the world. Brainsfeed is from the Internet. We know no wall, no border. Have fun and make the world a better place.

If you are seeking a meaningful job. You found the right place.

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