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About SignAble

SignAble is a Bangalore-based start-up developing a mobile-based Video Remote Interpretation Service (VRI) to provide remote interpretation for deaf users using Indian Sign Language. India has over 18 million deaf persons, 40% of who use sign Language. The ambition of SignAble is to connect with this community at scale and build the VRI service so that deaf users can communicate seamlessly with hearing people.

SignAble is founded by a first-time entrepreneur, has attracted angel funding, has built collaborative support from the deaf community. It currently consists of a small team of people motivated by creating social impact in a manner that is commercially rewarding. One portion of SignAble ownership will be provided to the deaf community, to help further their integration into mainstream life and employment.

The role:
We are looking for an Operations Associate to administer our in situ and remote call centre teams to promote a client centred, high quality service while maximising the productivity of the resources available. The 3 key deliverables are around:

a) Call Centre and Remote Operations: Daily management and scaling of operations and personnel in SignAble’s in situ and remote call centres including management of personnel, systems and technology.
b) Customer Support and Engagement Implementing systems and managing customer support for deaf users, as well as driving usage of B2B clients of SignAble’s app and associated products
c) Data Intelligence: Collection and analysis of usage and customer data to drive targeted sales and marketing campaigns and improve client and internal satisfaction
d) Brand Engagement: Contributing to an overall strategy of engagement with key stakeholders (interpreters, NGOs/ DPOs, corporations, government) to drive positive engagement with the SignAble VRI service at scale.

A. Call centre and Remote operations management

• Fine tuning systems, work rotas, regular engagement with clients in physical and virtual interpreters to drive usage of the SignAble service
• Conduct effective resource planning to maximize the productivity of resources (people, technology, training etc.)
• To ensure that quality, ethical, interpretation, user experience standards are set and adhered to in at least 7 states in India
• Assume responsibility for driving service billable minutes, and of budgeting and tracking expenses against these
• Work with the deaf engagement officer and other staff to hire, coach and provide training to personnel to maintain high customer service standards
• Develop objectives for the call centres and remote interpreters’ day-to-day activities
• Follow- up and ensuring the implementation of day-to-day and special activities
• Monitor telephone handling and other procedures Evaluate performance with key metrics (accuracy, call – waiting time etc.)
• Prepare reports for different departments or upper management

Deliverables: Putting into place the technical capability, systems and interpretation service to supply Sign Language interpretation for 50,000 deaf users in 2 years.

B. Customer Support and Engagement

• Ensure that appropriate service standards are defined, that there is a system of monitoring in place, that standards are monitored, and action is taken as a regular part of the service.
• Operationalise a CRM solution to enable ticketing system for deaf users via ISL videos
• Handle customer service recovery / complaints and support needs in real time
• Develop and implement self-help means for support for customers.
• Support deaf engagement officer and partners in innovative ways to onboard and support new deaf clients at scale.
• Ensure that complaints are resolved within defined Service Level Agreements (SLA) with quality resolution
• Analysis of daily/ weekly/ monthly complaints, to identify addressable technical and human related issues and suggesting corrective measures.

• Set up and manage a marketing/ client servicing team for corporate, institutional and government clients
• Drive engagement of enterprise clients (B2B) through a process of active engagement, subscription management, and usage of different products.

To get a satisfaction rating or get a NPS score of 8+ or above within 3 months of joining
To drive regular active users to within 40% of all new downloads
To reduce customer complaints to negligible

C. Data Intelligence

• Collect and analyse call centre and remote statistics (sales rates, costs, customer service metrics etc.)
• Implement and manage MIS to provide insights and actionable information on performance, driving efficiencies, forecasting on times and language, etc.
• Set up systems to analyse data to provide insights and actionable information on interpreter performance, retention, teamwork, compliance and quality
• Provide Intelligence on pricing, subscriptions, driving individual usage, gamification
• Provide information on customer satisfaction, profiles, preferences, use of different languages

To report and recommend improvements to the service, pricing plan, customer satisfaction and interpreter performance on a monthly basis to management

To provide information on impact for different types of users on a regular basis

D. Marketing, Branding and Customer acquisition

  1. To drive brand values such as inclusion, out of the ordinary customer service, and value of the service through the experience of users of the SignAble app
  2. To build quality enterprise partnerships based on perceived and actual value to clients in the realisation of their goals through usage of SignAble.
  3. To drive the expansion of enterprise clients through promoting the value of diversity and inclusion

This position will be for 3 months, extendable, starting as soon as possible.
The SignAble team will provide salary as per industry norms for associates.

We are a small team of people who bring together a diverse set of social impact experiences and business skills, and commitment to inclusive innovation. We are looking for a person to enlarge our team, someone with demonstrated experience and a real commitment to working on innovation in the disability space.

An ideal candidate would have a management/ operations background or experience in managing call centres at scale in multiple locations, direct experience of client servicing, and of using data to drive nosiness operations. In addition, they should have at least one of the following technical skills or experience:

Our ideal profile would be a person who has the following qualities:

• A person motivated by the need to create impact in society and has a vision beyond the workplace.
• The person should have experience of building teams, driving growth and scale, while maintaining values, standards and engagement.
• Good customer service and communication skills to present the organisation effectively internally, to the deaf community, the government, investors and potential corporate clients.
• Organised, reliable and results driven.
• Must have a practical mind to solve problems on the spot partnered with an ability to see the big picture and make improvements.
• Someone who is flexible, adaptable and forward looking, and can juggle and complete projects simultaneously
• An understanding of the social sector, of the need for inclusion, preferably with some direct experience
• A person who has experience of working in diverse work cultures (India as well abroad) and is happy to learn ISL.

Link to the JD-https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uqNVMFK31GY7OmrKNqP3h6SktA6Yrjhp/view?usp=sharing

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