Technical Writer at The Unveiled Sagas

  • Should know how to infer, predict, form opinions, manouver, manipulate and suggest strategies and changes on behalf of the present consumer/producer information
  • Most of what we do revolves around content creation- so the person should have a good command over english language. Typos are a strict no-go. Don’t need someone with fancy english, just someone who can write arguments well. Structure is key here.
  • We have three touchpoints before we create a strategy, namely the client for whome we decide the strategy, their target audience, and the content/brands that the audience most interacts with and trusts. Candidate should have a firm grasp on how to use google to optimally understand and map this journey.
  • Should be able to read the tone of content, study brands, and graphics to understand what works well for brands/people and what doesn’t.
  • You may be asked to write articles one day, website content the other, a movie script the third, and a wikipedia page the next week. Again, should have enough passion to find whatever they need from Google and give me the final product
  • Most of our content goes in print media, should be used to rejection and should take criticism well.
  • Please refrain from applying if you are a freelance ‘content writer’ with no experience in market research

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