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Covid 19 has set forth "the world's largest work-from-home experiment."  ( as claimed by Time’s magazine ) as  almost everyone around the world is working from home, in light of the various versions of lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Remote is not a perk anymore. It’s a necessity.

Having a flexible and distributed workforce allows businesses to be more agile, adaptable, resilient, future ready and purpose driven.

And businesses have started realizing the same.Some of the organisations in India and worldwide have already started disclosing their assessment of the value in remote working and future plans:

  1. TCS introduced Secure Borderless Workspaces’ as Future Of Work
  2. ICICI Securities, India’s largest listed brokerage, is looking at jobs that could be completely moved to a work-from-home model as the coronavirus pandemic forces businesses to re-imagine workplaces.
  3. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sent out an email to the employees stating that they will be able to work from home forever
  4.  Google recently told its employees that the majority of employees will work from home until 2021.
  5. JPMorgan Chase & Co. could see a portion of its staff work from home on a rotational basis more permanently.

Businesses are keen on making remote/ work from home seamless, engaging and developing trust between their employees in a remote working environment.

India is ready for the Remote Revolution 

Even amidst a global crisis, employees are reporting greater productivity and higher job satisfaction, which is translating into enormous profitability for their employers.

India Inc is evaluating all components of expenses to come back to normal and looking to optimize employee costs, real estate costs and technology costs. Most companies have already let go of employees or asking employees for a salary cut or rethinking their remote and distributed work strategies.

As per Arthur D Little’s new report, 135 million Indians are due to lose jobs due to the pandemic. Remote India Jobs will make this able workforce accessible to the remote work opportunities

A Remote New Normal 

Remote India Jobs facilitates the new normal which allows this new workforce to access the Indian and international companies who are embracing the remote work and work from anywhere.

Location is Irrelevant 

This Remote revolution will enable companies to hire the right talent irrespective of their  locations

Whether the talent operates out of Coimbotore, Haridwar or Chicago or anywhere else , his/her skills can be utilized by any Indian or international company.

Remote Jobs India will

  • Work on your behalf to identify the best remote opportunities so that you can work from any part of the world
  • Create a thriving community to get better remote jobs and be productive at remote work
  • Work with organizations directly to understand their remote needs and help them fulfil positions through right candidates

Remote work isn’t the future, it’s the present.


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