DevOps/SRE Lead (Remote)

Imagine a product that reached over a million users without a sales team. That same product is at the edge of where careers are headed, where every person becomes their own brand with limitless growth potential ahead. That’s the opportunity at vidIQ – an infinite market, a large and highly engaged customer base, and the chance to help build and scale vidIQ’s data engine that drives insights for millions of creators.


Why this Role? Why vidIQ?
  1. Join a truly global, remote team: Work from anywhere! Have co-workers all around the world. Get the opportunity to travel for events and company meet-ups.
  2. Leave better than you came in: We are always learning at vidIQ. We learn by doing. We learn from each other — and we are incentivized to attend conferences, obtain certifications, and take training courses.
  3. Build the future with us: In today’s ever-changing world of technology, video is coming in fast and hard to dominate both the entertainment and marketing space. With multiple devices to choose from — from mobile to tablet, desktop to streaming video on our televisions, more and more people are not only using video to make purchasing decisions, but also changing the way they receive their entertainment.
  4. Tackle our most interesting and impactful problems: We are setting precedents and coming up against challenges no one has seen before. You will need to be resourceful and creative. You will not be bored!
  5. Right time, right place: We are small enough that you will have true ownership and the feel of a close-knit team. But, we are established enough to have hit profitability and product-market fit, which gives us a fun and challenging field to play on!

Company Mission
We want to empower Creators. We help creators on their journey to being better video creators through tools and training.
Just about every single human on this planet loves to listen to stories, to experience them, and some to tell them. Because of the opportunity the internet gives us where people are able to build businesses while in the comfort of their own home, a lot of people are seeking this opportunity and many of them, with amazing stories, are giving up too fast. There’s too much bad information out there on how creators become successful, how they build their audiences. vidIQ challenges this status quo by giving creators the tools and knowledge needed to grow their audiences faster by enabling them to uncover their own opportunities by just using vidIQ.

We believe that by equipping people with the best tools and education to solve their own problems, we can tackle the whole world’s problems.

The Product

The best way to understand vidIQ is to play with the product:
We’ve heard vidIQ described many ways. It can be the tool that you use to manage your YouTube channel, making deep analytical insights accessible that saves dozens of hours a week. When someone attends one of our live streams or enrolls in an Academy course, they receive the education every creator needs to be successful. We’re also known as the best video keyword research tool available to many folks. At vidIQ’s core, it’s a tool that gives creators what they need to navigate toward the success they want to have because of the tools and education made readily available.

So, what will you do as the DevOps/SRE Lead at vidIQ?

  • Build and manage a team of DevOps engineers working 100% remotely across the globe.
  • Curate documentation and practices for deployment, recovery, and troubleshooting of systems and services.
  • Develop and oversee on-call policies.
  • Expand and enforce service monitoring standards.
  • Accelerate product development by helping developers create and maintain easy-to-use tools for automated testing and deployment.
  • Advise developers on architectural choices, weighing factors such as performance and cost.
  • Continually push for greater service availability and reliability.
You’ll be a good fit if…
  • You have a broad knowledge of Amazon’s many AWS services.
  • You love open source tools, particularly the Debian and Ubuntu Linux ecosystem (No Windows in this shop).
  • You know how to whip up a Chef recipe.
  • You also know how to navigate a modern Kubernetes cluster hosting a multitude of Dockerized microservices.
  • You enjoy writing custom DevOps tools in Python and Ruby to improve automation.
  • You find the slow queries killing your database quickly (Postgres, Mongo, DynamoDB, Redis, and ElasticSearch).
  • You consider the monitoring implications of service failure modes beyond simply being down, such as when they are merely uselessly slow.
  • You eliminate technical debt at every opportunity.
  • You aren’t scared of the word “legacy”.
  • You have spent at least five years professionally telling servers to behave.
What benefits can I expect?
  • This is a 100% remote position, work from anywhere you like.
  • A flexible work schedule. We expect an average commitment of 40 hours per week.
  • We offer a generous vacation policy of taking time when you need it. Most team members take 4–5 weeks of time off per year.
  • Team retreats every year! Past trips have been to Spain, Portugal, and other amazing places.
  • Work with amazing people around the world.
  • Huge impact in the Creator Ecosystem.
  • Matched or exceed market salary in the country you live in.
  • Support your professional development and will pay for relevant courses and conferences
Our Commitment
We work hard to enable creators of all kinds to succeed and, to that end, we prioritize attracting diverse talent and cultivating an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. We’re committed to building a company and a community where people thrive by being themselves and are inspired to do their best work every day.
If you’re excited about this, we’d love to talk to you. Use the “Apply” button below to get in touch with us.

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