Join us as a Nomadic Tutor!
Do you love seeing the world and have a passion for early childhood education?
We are seeking a travel companion to work as a full time tutor for our daughter.
Who are we?
We are two entrepreneurs and a toddler who are traveling the world as we work on our remote-first business. Our lives are all about self improvement; we move fast, learn, and evolve constantly and we are looking for somebody who cares about same.
For the coming year, COVID allowing, we intend to spend time in Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore, Australia, and San Francisco.
The result? Unique experiences, a great salary and the opportunity to do next level work as an educator.
So how does it work?
Starting in Tel Aviv, you will work with our daughter on a mostly-fixed schedule for 45 hours a week. In your time together, you will provide a mix of curriculum, free play and general support so that she can evolve as effectively and richly as possible.
The unique problems we’ll solve together
Every child can benefit from a mix of curricular programming, physical stimuli, free play, collaborative play, and gaining socialization and other skills. Getting this mix right is a constantly moving target, requiring creativity, attention, and consistent initiative.
Additionally, it’s critical for the child to grow up in a safe, clean environment, where her basic needs are addressed in a top notch way. These challenges need to be solved while moving through multiple locations with low fault tolerance.
You will have ownership as well as undisrupted blocks of time to do great work and have a great time. Your voice will largely define the curriculum we create, the processes we follow and the learning and playing environment.
Some specific things you will do
  • Plan and employ a curriculum
  • Present a week’s worth of daily curriculum during our weekly 30 min touch base for our review, feedback and finalization
  • Share progress on what she learned and accomplished the previous week based on your curriculum, areas she needs to work on more
  • The curriculum should be a blend of: Outdoor activity (she needs to go out minimum of once a day), vocabulary/language learning, Math/Science learning (how to count physical items – beyond just learning how to say 1-10. Concept of size – small/big, thin/long, etc), Creative projects (drawing, crafts, making things, cutting/taping/cooking), Physical activity (yoga, dance, stretch, meditate), Various forms of Play
  • Track food intake and sleeping times daily and share them via whatsapp
  • Take photos and videos of our daughter at her best moments to share with family
  • Prepare/Source quality and diverse food for our daughter. This is a moment for her to learn more about diverse tastes and textures through cooked meals. Pre-preparewhen she is working independently or sleeping.
  • Maintain a clean and organized environment where learning happens best
  • Clean areas / items / kitchen after each meal or activity – don’t wait till end of day
  • Put our daughter’s dirty towels, clothing, sheets in the laundry – run it when full
  • Like us, keep the fridge, trash area and surfaces as clean as you found them
  • Put toys, yoga mats, books, all activity objects back to where they belong after each activity is done
  • Be mindful of items that can be used to deface furniture. If our daughter is engaging with such an item, make sure to watch her very closely so you can defuse potentially harmful situations
  • Before the end of the day, review the state of cleanliness / organization. If anything needs to be done, do it before the end of the day
  • Focus 100% on being present and working with our daughter while integrating a planned curriculum where possible
  • No working on personal projects, listening to content or doing anything which is not focused on your role as a tutor/caretaker at any point during the work day.
  • No screentime unless it’s part of a planned curriculum we review together and approve in writing in our whatsapp chat. No personal cell phone usage during work hours except in case of emergencies. We do not allow our daughter to be on our phones and limit her screentime to certain times with us during the day.
  • Exception-handling: when you are eating lunch, engage our daughter by telling her what you are doing and involving her in the food preparation process
  • Depending on timezone you may be expected to eat breakfast/lunch before starting work
  • When our daughter is asleep, use the time for curriculum design or other support needs
  • Enjoy a paid 30 min break for personal time while our daughter is napping and when working more than 5 hours in a day. This is the time for checking your phone, getting a personal break, etc.
  • Practice safety at all times, for example:
  • Dangerous windows should be closed and nothing that can be climbed on should be put next to them
  • Sharp knives and hot liquids should be completely out of our daughter’s reach
Skills & Requirements
  • 2+ years experience working with children around our daughter’s age
  • Preferred: formal training in early childhood education and/or curriculum building
  • Confidence with technologies like google docs/sheets, ecommerce etc
  • CPR certified for toddlers
  • Ability to work core hours of 8:30am-4:30pm EST unless timezone doesn’t permit
  • Comfortable running household appliances e.g. laundry, dryer, dishwasher and using the shower and bath for our daughter
  • High proficiency with smartphones and enough space to download new apps as required
  • A credit card that you can use for digital purchases and services
  • Be comfortable with no cash, all payments to you will go directly to your bank account via bank transfer
Compensation and Benefits
  • Work full time anywhere we go
  • For non-native English speakers, free English lessons
  • $3,500 USD a month
  • Free lodging (private and separate) and transportation related to our joint travel
  • Travel health insurance
  • A $10,500 bonus after 12 months
COVID Safety
The COVID situation is rapidly evolving but there are some basic practices we will likely expect
  • Wear a mask when entering public closed spaces
  • Limit social interactions if there is an outbreak
  • More to be discussed and aligned on live

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