Product Manager

Product Manager Responsibilities:

  • Specify product requirements to address needs for US based yoga students
  • Analyze consumer analytics data to understand student behavior in order to develop ideas that improve student conversion, usage and retention
  • Assesses market competition by comparing the company’s product to competitors’ products
  • Communicate requirements to engineering team, design team, data analytics team, support team and marketing team
  • Conduct training to educate different organizations on the new products
  • Develop marketing collateral – text based and audio/visual content to drive the launch and usage of new products
  • Conduct conversations and surveys with students to better understand their usage of products and improvements that would like. Understand the neuroscience of building habits and how they can build products, game mechanics and triggers to drive engagement and user adoption – in order to improve students health and happiness.
  • Align product requirements with overall company strategy


  • Technology competence: Comfortable with different user interface designs for mobile and desktop applications
  • Deep curiosity about neuroscience and human behavior: Well read on books about human behavior, neuroscience, human and machine interfaces, habit formation, addictions etc.
  • Empathy: Listens to students stories, connects with them and understands their needs
  • Honesty/Integrity: Does not cut corners. Earns trust and maintains confidence. Does what is right not just what is expedient. Speaks plainly and truthfully.
  • Persistence: Demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done
  • Attention to detail: Does not let important details slip through the cracks, well organized
  • Growth mindset: Learns quickly and not afraid to fail. Demonstrates ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information.
  • Follow through on commitments: Lives up to verbal and written agreements, regardless of personal cost.
  • Enthusiasm: Exhibit passion, excitement and positive energy over work.
  • Teamwork: Reaches out to peers and cooperates with supervisors to establish an overall collaborative working relationship.
  • Yoga & Spiritual ideas: Ability to talk about yoga and spiritual matter with students.
  • Great communication skills: Good understanding of self and motivations of audience in order to communicate effectively with different stakeholders – engineering, design, executive team, students and teachers


  • Student centric: Ability to put student interest above everything else. Demonstrate respect for customers and ensure that customers get the best service possible
  • Professional: Cares deeply about his/her profession and invests in professional growth.
  • Respect for the team: Respects everybody’s right to have opinions. Affirms the positive in other people
  • Risk-taking: Embrace challenges, try new approaches and be ok with all failures except a failure to learn.

About the Company

  • MyYogaTeacher is a US based marketplace for connecting yoga teachers in India with students in the US for 1:1 yoga sessions.The teachers in India earn a good income – sometimes more than top engineers and MBA – whilst providing US based students with personalized yogic and spiritual teaching. MyYogaTeacher is headquartered in US with technology office Bangalore and is founded by repeat founders and IIT Graduates with a track record of building unicorn-level, successful companies. Check out

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