This is a full-time customer support position. We primarily communicate with our customers through email, but with certain situations getting on the phone and talking to customers might be necessary.

teelaunch is a technically robust app where reaching proficiency is a process that will take some time, so we’re really looking for someone who is up for the challenge and wants to dive right in.

We have a whole new version v2 of our app launching sometime this summer, so we’ll need the right person to master the old app and learn about the new app at the same time.

Helping our customers takes a lot of thought, time, troubleshooting, experimenting and thinking outside the box as each customer we talk with often has a totally unique problem they need help solving.

This isn’t your typical support role. We take a quality-first approach to answering our customers. They are people, not numbers! As long as you’re honest, productive, empathetic, and, above all, provide stellar customer support, we’re not going to hound you about tickers per day or other arbitrary metrics.

Our team works together closely. We teach and learn from each other on a daily basis. Every person at our company, including our founder, helps with customer support in an effort to stay connected to and informed about how our customers use our app.

When the support work is slow, you will have the opportunity to work on other projects too. If you enjoy or have any experience with technical or creative writing, video creation or editing, design, or any other areas that you would love to get more experience with outside of customer support, include that information when you contact us so we can be thinking about where you might fit here.

Our team works US business hours with some flexibility depending on each person’s location. For this role, we need someone to work business hours in either CST but if you’re okay with the hours, then you don’t need to live in these time zones.

Must understand Shopify and how it works
A knowledge of print on demand is a plus but not required
Must have knowledge of HTML and CSS and be able to make changes to Shopify themes.
A good understanding on ecommerce is also a plus but not required.
Humility, kindness and empathy are some of your strengths.
You can speak and write English fluently.
You’re a problem solver who likes to find solutions rather than waiting to be told what to do. This trait is critical when solving technical, complicated, multi-step problems for customers.
You would rather come up with and suggest new ideas that make a team work smarter than get frustrated and give in.
You’re a learner and a question asker; you aren’t afraid to be wrong if you know you can learn something from the experience.
You understand why reading comprehension is important in a role like this, and you’ve got a knack for it.
Your job will be 100% communication, most of it written, so the ability to write well, in an engaging, informative, and helpful way, is a must.
You are able to work US business hours in either CST.

Hourly rate depends on experience, but there is lots of overtime, and paid healthcare.

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